Berjusa Reborn Dolls Is The Latest Fad

October 3rd, 2016 by admin

Particularly with women, Berjusa reborn dolls are gaining in popularity. You may be asking yourself what a reborn doll is. It is an old toy doll that is stripped of it’s paint, taken apart, and then repainted in order to make it look like an actual baby. It is a tedious job, but in the end it is worth it.
In recent years, many of these reborn babies have been mistaken for the real thing. It has went as far as busting out a car window because someone thought an actual baby was left in a car unconscious. Imagine their surprise to find out it was just a doll.
It is possible to buy either a reconstructed doll or design your own reborn baby dolls. A popular choice for many people is the recreation of a child or grandchild. Because children grow so fast, it is such a special keepsake. You can customize the hair, eyes, skin tone, even the chubby little cheeks. You can have all of these choices and more.
Prices vary widely from thirty dollars for simple Berjusa reborn dolls and upwards of two thousand for top of the line. Do not worry there are many inexpensive reborn dolls for sale to choose from that are still of an excellent caliber. Remember when purchasing these are not toys and not intended for children to play with. They have special paints and details added that are not appropriate for small children.
Let’s say you have decided to construct your own reborn. First, you need to find a plain vinyl toy doll. Then, you have to take it apart and remove all the paint. If this sounds like a lot of work, you can always but a doll such as the Berjusa reborn doll that comes ready to paint.
Next you must wash the doll’s inside with a purple wash in order to give it the hue of a real live baby. In order to create imperfections of a newborn such as blotchy skin you must use different paint on the doll’s outside.
The most tedious part of creating your baby is adding all of the hair. Using mohair or human hair, you attach each strand of hair individually, including eyelashes and eyebrows. This part takes a great deal of patience.
Finally, you can pick the whatever filling that you prefer for your baby. How much you want the baby to weigh and how soft you want it to be will be the biggest factors in this decision. Once the baby has been filled, put it back together and wipe it clean. You can then put whatever clothing you like on it, including a cute little hat.
It does not matter if you create your own version or buy one, they are exquisite dolls that bring pleasure for a long time. You can place them on the mantel to show off, decorate a moses basket with it, or give it away as a present to a loved one. Whatever you do, your reborn doll will always bring back special memories for you.


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