Keeping Track Of Latest Car Launch In India With Purchase Of A Satisfactory Deal

November 1st, 2016 by admin

Indian car sales scenario is among the much talked about topic in recent years. Dips and rises have marked the market of cars and surprisingly enough, such a trend is seen in almost every segment of cars. In contrast to earlier years where there was a difference in sales of small cars and SUV segments, recent car sales trend have affected every segment. A marked increase has been noted in the sales of large segment and sedan class cars, as people have had an increase in their buying capacity and many major foreign car makers have started floating their high end cars in India.

Brands like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Renault, etc have successfully tapped the Indian market. With alternatives to Indian cars, these foreign models have surely had a great running in recent years. But, overall, the car sales have decreased somewhat owing to the rise in petrol and diesel prices. Analysts have but, been giving assumptions that this trend is not going to stay on for long as adjustments will occur and overall salaries will be rising, so that customers will be able to pay for their EMIs.

Riding on a positive note in the festive season, many car launches are in the pipeline, with both Indian and foreign car makers coming out with new models in hatchbacks, micro cars, sedans, SUVs, and MUVs. Indian brands like Maruti have enough of their stocks to be released shortly and various other best small cars in India are in the pipeline, belonging to companies like Hyundai, Chevrolet, Tata, Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan, etc. These car makers have had a good running in the last few years and have established their supremacy in affordable range of cars of Indian customers.

With the pulse of the public in their mind, they are enticing the customers with new latest car launch in India and making sure that people pick their models, whenever they plan to buy a car. In India, a country where festival seasons are synonymous with buying new things, a car purchase is usually in the horizon. With bonuses being provided during this time to salaried class people, customers are in for a better payment, at least in the down-payment category.

On their part, customers need to keep track of latest car launch in India, if they are contemplating to buy a new car for themselves. They have various television ads, where the latest car launches are shown with all colour and glamour, enticing enough to purchase them. Also, car and automobile journals and magazines are enough to let customers gather information on the latest models. For the middle class families, the best small cars in India are available, which they can check out even in nearest showrooms.

With prices of cars becoming quite competitive, customers can afford to choose cars according to their incomes and finances have further eased the responsibilities. People are able to purchase four wheelers of their choices although the burden of fuel sometimes takes these thoughts into the backseat. But car makers are coming out with lucrative promotional methods, which somewhat lures people into buying cars, which they would have to manage in their resources. Overall, the fervour of having a four wheeler in the family is quite an asset as it gives comfort, convenience and a status in the world of today.


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